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8 thoughts on “ Incense

  1. Satya Nag Champa Incense Sticks - Grams (6 Boxes X grams Each) Original, From Bengaluru, India).
  2. Incense, with its sweet-smelling perfume and high-ascending smoke, is typical of the good Christian's prayer, which, enkindled in the heart by the fire of God's love and exhaling the odour of Christ, rises up a pleasing offering in His sight (cf. Amalarius, "De eccles. officiis" in P.L., CV). Incensing is the act of imparting the odour of incense.
  3. Largest Incense selection and incense accessories. Buy Incense burners, sage bundles, resin incense, and much more all at compsetivobisirernosoundbilphoban.coinfo Call Us
  4. Examples of incense in a Sentence Noun the heavenly incense of spring flowers count on the office manager to spread the incense whenever there's a visiting VIP from the head office First Known Use .
  5. HemIncense is a leading Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) manufacturer & supplier in USA with over 70+ countries across the globe presence. Our premium flagship collection product range ‘HEM PRECIOUS’ being the most loved by our customers.
  6. compsetivobisirernosoundbilphoban.coinfo this department you will find natural incenses, incense mixes, liturgical incense, scented incenses, balms and compsetivobisirernosoundbilphoban.coinfo the incenses are suitable both for a domestic and for a church use.
  7. Incense Incense have been used since the beginning of time to heighten concentration, inspire creativity and to provide an enduring aroma to the home. Kheops offers a large variety of wholesale incense with different fragrances that charms and soothes your senses. Explore our .
  8. noun an aromatic gum or other substance producing a sweet odor when burned, used in religious ceremonies, to enhance a mood, etc. the perfume or smoke arising from such a substance when burned. any pleasant perfume or fragrance.

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