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9 thoughts on “ False Savior - Various - Grind Against Trump (Cassette)

  1. Apr 29,  · Trump had been accusing President Obama of not being born in America for years, which seems to have resonated with his supporters: 59 percent of Trump .
  2. Trump might claim to be against adult entertainment, but he certainly seems to be obsessed with Playboy. Aside from being on the magazine’s cover and making an appearance in a softcore film in the '90s, Trump has also been known to hang around the Playboy Mansion.
  3. Speaking at a rally in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defended statements he made regarding Muslims celebrating in the aftermath of 9/11 and blasted the.
  4. So many of them go into various subs on the topic of choice (again, whether for or against said topic), proclaim ignorance of the subject, then listen to the replies (positive or negative) come flooding in. They eat that shit up, frothing at the mouth, and suckling from the hate-filled-teets of their lord and savior Donald Trump.
  5. Nov 04,  · The woman who alleged that Donald Trump sexually assaulted her at billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's notorious 'sex parties' in when she was a .
  6. Hemath has already entered in and has patiently gnawed away like a bunch of locusts until all Four of the Hidden Dynasties are now in control of the enemies of Christianity, the sons of Cain, i.e. the kenites, led by Satan! And it is written that they shall continue to afflict our people until the end of this flesh age. "Unto the river of the wilderness" is an expression that means all the way.
  7. Mar 28,  · Trump points to drop in national infections to claim coronavirus is 'disappearing' and cites declining new cases in Florida, Texas and Arizona - despite daily deaths topping 2, for the first.
  8. Ivana Trump and Donald Trump married in Ivana stated in a deposition taken in , during their divorce proceedings, that Donald had visited her plastic surgeon following which he had expressed anger and ripped out hair from her scalp. Donald said the allegation was "obviously false". The book Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald Trump (), by Harry Hurt III, described the alleged.
  9. Good old Bob Tilton, the farting preacher of YouTube fame (and before YouTube it was a VHS cassette that was dubbed with fart noises and passed around Dallas in the 90s) used to send out little packets of cooking oil in his mailers along with a scrap of red polyester cloth.

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